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Monday, August 04, 2008

Dewalt power tools, a table saw

Buying a power tools such as saw or drills, I go for Dewalt power tools as this tools is strong, durable and dependable tools to be used at workshop or at home. Since I love to make by own furniture during my free time I brought many Dewalt power tools.

Before I purchase a table saw Dewalt power tools I used to saw the woods with my own hand with take me a few weeks to complete my cupboard and with dewalt power tools I finish my whole room furniture within a month. When using the table saw precaution and safety must measure be taken of. Always off the electricity when not in used and lock in a cupboard when you think you had finish the day jobs.


Friday, May 16, 2008

When using Dewalt power tools safety precaution a must

Dewalt power tools makes jobs at home easy. With so many wide selection of power tools in the market it makes one man job faster and easy whether you are a carpentry or working in a construction site or a foreman you can reliable to the tools. When using Dewalt power tools safety precaution has to be practice to avoid accident. Always keep and lock back your tools when not in used to avoid the reach of the children.

When using Dewalt grinder sure all the guards are in place and also wear something or a safety glasses to protect your eye from the sparks of the hot metals that comes out from the iron when you are using the Dewalt grinder. Wearing short sleeves shirt is a best choice when working with Dewalt grinder.

The same when using Dewalt circular saw make sure your eye is protected, always wear a safety glasses to prevent the dust from getting into your eye and make sure all the guards are in place and working properly. Adjust the right depth so it just reaches through the board or plank when cutting.


Sunday, March 23, 2008

Safety measure to be taken when using this dewalt saw

Most work shop, garage or carpenter shops that you will find in their shops are dewalt table saw. The useful of this dewalt power tools such as dewalt table tools it used for cutting precise width by using rip fence and besides it can used to cut angle on your board. With dewalt table saw it makes our job easily and we can expected a nice straight even cut.
Some safety measure has to be taken when using this dewalt saw. Make a box to close up the dewalt table saw when you think you are not using it today and close after works. Off the electricity when not in used. Used some objects like woods to push the board through the final parts and never used your hand to push to the final edge.


Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Knowing what dewalt saw is best at home

Dewalt reciprocating saw with difference blade attachments and is one of the best saw that can also be used at home with the long slender blades. This kind of reciprocating saw helps in cutting tight areas with no much problems and best of all of this dewalt tools it blades helps to cut most materials such as woods, pvc pipe, copper and plastic but is not very good to cut steel that is more than 1/8 ticker.

If you decided to buy a saw, you must know what delwalt saw is best for you at home, will it be cordless saw or a regular electric saw. If your job more on roof tops it is best to purchase a cordless circular saw and the weight. If is used at home Dewalt DW368k saw is the best because of its weight and able to withstand a storey drops. When not in used it is best to lock the dewalt saw in a cupboard to avoid children from reaching it.


Tuesday, October 02, 2007

See the dewalt tools away from small kids when not in used.

Dewalt power tools are very useful todays and most every house hold will have this dewalt tools at home but safety precaution have to take into many consideration when you are using the dewalt tools or when you are not using the tools.

If you are using tools expecially the drills and the electric saw, always make sure that small kids are not around as nowadays kids are very curiocity and they want to explore things. I experience a time when my brother kids stated to play with my electic drill but lucky before I stepped away I switch off the electricity or not I guess some bad incident will happened. Keep your dewalt power tools from the reach of kids. It is best to buy a box and lock it.


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Dewalt power tool at home

Most household will have a set of power tools at home when it comes to simple things like drilling and screwing. Most house owners will fixed by themself rather asking people to fixed for you as nowadays labour charges are more expensive then the cost of the materials. I remmember one time when I ask a friend, friends to fix and drilled a hole. The cost of the materials is less than fifty ringgit and the labour charges which I had to pay is eighty riggit just half an hour job.

In my home I brought a dewalt power tools saw, a power drillers, dewalt battery-operated screwdriver and many more items. Now most of my home drilling and repairing and fixing is done myself. Thanks to dewalt power tool which make my job easily.


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Thievies caters aways my dewalt tools

One early morning as usualy having a cups of coffee and a bowl of noodles with a groups friends had a morning call from my staff that my motor shop that my shop was broken in thievies. I drove my car striaght to my motor shop and found that my iron grills was cuts and the door was broken. I took one of my staff to the police stations to make reports.

Checking the missing items we will shock to find most of ours tools were missing and the cost of the missing and others equipment comes to more then twenty thousand dollars. The thievies make off we my favourite dewalt tools that alone cost me about two thousands dollars, Pass load dewalt load gun tools and a set of six piece dewalt power tools. Dewalt power drills was also missing.

Others items missing from dewalt tools are from other popular brands and office equipments and some cash which I lock it in my drawer. Lucky my shop was insured and my staff only works less then half day after they acess the loss.